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Jurmey Rinzin's Journey

A fourteen year old, living in the last shangrila and getting to go overseas for high school. Now that does not happen often, in fact what happened to me was extraordinary. My mum had tried for a PhD and somehow she got a chance to come to Armidale. I thought going to the southern hemisphere would be an adventure for me and sure enough, it was.

Jurmey's impressions of Australia


Stelzer Bongran, Freya Weston, Thomas Mills, Caitlyn Sillar, Eleanor Parker and  TimothyLockrey welcomed Jurmey to class.

Bhutan is a land with rich culture, exotic mountains and beautiful flora and fauna. I wondered what Armidale would look like. I had to have x-rays, health checkups and a lot of other things to get an Australian visa and this made me even more curious with really wild imaginations. Leaving school back in Bhutan was a weird feeling because I was happy and sad, all at the same time. I'm missing my dad and my dogs but my new friends here are keeping me occupied.

Armidale High School is just so different from Yangchenghug High School, my school in Bhutan. The whole system is different. In my previous school, a bunch of kids would stay together in the same classroom all day and the bell meant for the teachers to move. In YHSS, we've all got to wear our national dress with navy socks and the same kind of buckle shoes, making it very disciplined. We have to wear the same things, starting from the hair pin; nobody wears jewelry. Our school had many rich, average and poor students all together. If we were to break the school dress code, the rich ones would wear good clothes and the poor students would just feel inferior. Our school also followed the 4 pillars of Gross National Happiness which balance the economic development of the country with the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of the people. It leads to good governance and simply happiness to the people of Bhutan. We have a great study culture because every student will study without anyone reminding them. That is what is special in the Bhutanese education system.

The school here is great too and I hope that I can share with the students of Armidale the good practices from Bhutan and to take some from here and share them when I go back to my home country.