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New School Logo Design

We are pleased to report we have received several submissions from graphic designers either based in the area or with a strong link to the region, following our call-out to the community.  The PRG is currently reviewing responses will make a decision on a preferred graphic designer at the end of the term.  We look forward to sharing some exciting logo designs with you in the new year.

New School Name

Thank you to everyone who cast their vote or submitted ideas for the new school name.  The poll closed at the end of November and the PRG will provide the results to the Minister for Education to help determine the new school name.  We hope to have an announcement about this in Term One 2018.

Community Engagement Update

Since August, 18 community information sessions have occurred and been overseen by Project Liaison Officer Kris Croft.  The sessions have been invaluable in hearing the community's thoughts, concerns, feedback and ideas for the Armidale Future School. 

As you may be aware, information arising from the focus groups has been used to update the FAQs section on our website, so that people who have not been able to come along to sessions, can find out more.  We encourage you to review the FAQs on the website if you haven't yet had a chance to do so. Please visit

Working Groups (WG)

Following the community information sessions the establishment of Working Groups has begun, to progress special interest areas. 

Uniform WG

The Uniform Working Group has been formed and comprises representatives from primary and secondary school P&C associations.  Some of the activity currently underway by the Uniform WG includes:

  • Conducting focus groups with students;
  • Liaising with local suppliers;
  • Determining the interim uniform for Year 7 in 2018.

Aboriginal Education WG

The Aboriginal Education WG includes interested community members and school staff.  The group is working on a variety of items in preparation for 2018 and beyond, including cultural awareness programs, class structures and programs, personalised learning plans and determining the utilisation of Aboriginal Equity funds.

Disability Support Working Groups

The Disability Support WG has been created and members met with NBRS architects on the Duval site to discuss the needs of the Special Needs unit during the transition. The group will continue to distil their requirements back to the architects and the PRG.

Please note:

If you are a member of a Working Group, please keep abreast of upcoming meeting dates and times listed in the calendar section of the website

Parents and Citizens (P&C) Groups

Our local P&C groups are central to the community consultation process and Armidale High School (AHS) and Duval High School (DHS) P&C Groups have joined as one.  As a result, a new constitution and single committee will be established early in Term One 2018.

The P&C groups have been engaged by Kris Croft with the opportunity to provide feedback to the new school planning process, have been invited to join the PRG and have also been invited to join Working Groups as they are being established. 

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