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A collaboratus is a student-driven project built on 21st century learning design. Students have an opportunity to  develop a team project within or beyond the school by providing an application comprising a project scope and sequence, a resource list, a product description, a presentation mode and an project evaluation.

Teams might work in stage or vertical groupings to collaborate within and beyond the school and community. Individuals might forge connections with a team beyond the school.

It is anticipated that students in the CR class will be attracted by the opportunity of planning a Collaboratus; however, it is open to any other motivated students.

Armidale High will support the application by providing in-school time or other resources as necessary. 

Click on the links below to get inspired or make your application.



Collaboratus No 1: MURAL PAINTING PROJECT Term 2/3 2016

Collaboratus No. 2: MATHEMATICS COMPETITION Term 2 2016

Collaboratus No. 3: Short Film