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The Class of 1952 , 1953

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1952 and 1953: Continuing a tradition of reunions

The Leavers of 1952 and 1953 have always seen themselves as one unit; a number of '53 students repeated and strong bonds were formed between students who lived in the hostels which housed Armidale High students. The group's first reunion, held in Sydney at the Rex Hotel in Kings Cross, happened in '54-55 since their 25th 2002 they have gathered every 5 years.

This reunion began with a gathering at the Ex-Services on Friday Night. There followed an informal lunch at the Wicklow before 69 ex-students attended a dinner at the Bowling Club on Saturday Night. The Guests for the reunion were Evan J and Elizabeth (nee Robertson) Lewis, who was the group's music and roll call teacher. On Sunday, 18 members of the group returned to Armidale High School were they commented on the luxury and facilities enjoyed by students here today.

Ex-students travelled from as far as Townsville, Adelaide and across NSW.